Pay Per Click Advertising


Pay Per Click is an advertising model where the advertisers only pay when the user clicks on their advertisement. The most popular platform for PPC is Google AdWords although you can do advertising on Bing, Facebook, Yahoo and other platforms. This mode of advertising allows advertisers to place highly targeted advertisements on the Google search results page when users search for agreed upon keywords.

Prices for PPC for legal keywords in a populated area can cost over $100 but for some types of legal services such as personal injury it can be well worth the cost. You can have clients contacting you within days requesting your services.

It is important to test out different keywords and advertising text to find out which ad has the highest click through rate, how long a user is visiting your website, and what is the highest rate of a user taking action. This should be done with a limited budget to decide what you should be spending your money on. We can monitor several campaigns to see which one has the best rate of return.

Paid search advertising can get lots of traffic to your website and build quality leads in a short amount of time. SEO is a great long-term strategy, but it takes months to implement and takes lots of effort to see results. PPC advertising can see results within a few days.

Ira Rabinowitz, our founder is certified by Google and Bing in online advertising. Legal Marketing Plus can develop a search engine marketing plan that delivers results and remains within your budget.

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