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Your law firm has a great website. How do you make sure potential clients find your firm in Google and other search engines?

Seeing results from search engine optimization (SEO) takes months, but it is vital to perform SEO so your website will ultimately rank in Google for targeted keywords, bring in new leads, and paying clients, without spending money each month for advertising. Procedures must be followed utilizing Google’s guidelines to ensure your website continues to rank highly even after Google changes their algorithms. Websites that were ranking high but used “black hat” techniques, lost their rankings after Google’s Panda, Pigeon, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates. Because of this, SEO must be performed by trained and experienced experts.

Some sites on the web have cheap prices for SEO, but this can be very misleading. If you want to do SEO well you need to do it in a way that is lasting and keeps you on top. A budget cookie cutter approach to SEO will not bring in the results you need in the very highly competitive legal market, in a populated area. A customized SEO marketing plan must be created for your specific website.

The plan must first begin with a detailed analysis of your existing website and market area. Who are the users we are targeting? What is the competition? A study will be performed to ensure the targeted keywords have potential users searching for them. The appropriate keywords can make or break your website. Web page content must be edited or rewritten to make sure it contains the proper keyword density. The site will be promoted to get links from authority sites, social media sites, and ranking sites. The structure of the site and the existing web pages must follow all Google guidelines. How fast does the page load? Does it work equally well on mobile devices?  Over 50% of all users access the Internet from a mobile device.

We are ready to work with you, to rank high in the search engines, to get the right kind of visitors to your website.

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