Video Marketing


One of the most important things you can do as a lawyer to increase potential clients is video marketing. According to a study, when an attorney put a video on their profile page their client emails increased by 127% and the click through rates to their legal website increased by 138%.  Adding video to your website increases the chance of your website showing up on page one of Google by over 50 times.

Videos are a way of engaging and entertaining viewers so they will pay attention to your content and share it with others. Having a video makes users ten times more likely to share, engage, comment and embed video content over social media or blog posts.

Video also have higher viewing rates then other media.  65% of viewers who start watching a video, will watch as least ¾ of it.

Videos builds trust. Viewers seeing an attorney providing useful information and not selling are more lightly to trust them as an expert when they need their help. If you are a criminal defense attorney, having videos explaining your rights, and what you should do if you get arrested, will build a level of trust.

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