You’re a great attorney, but you know very little about marketing your law firm. This is no fault of your own because law schools do not teach legal marketing. Most lawyers try things using trial and error and hope something works. We have a better way.

Why You Need Us

The American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center conducts a yearly technology survey. These are some facts from the ABA 2020 Legal Technology Survey Report:


  • Solo Lawyer: 14% have Marketing Budgets. 1% have an internal market team.
  • 2-9 Lawyers: 32% have Marketing Budgets. 3% have an internal market team.
  • 10-49 Lawyers: 63% have Marketing Budgets. 33% have an internal market team.


  • 41% of solo attorneys don’t have a website.
  • 68% said their website was mobile-friendly, 6% said their website was not & 26% don’t know.
  • Only 53% of solo websites are mobile-friendly.
  • 40% said their website used SSL, and 55% don’t know.
  • 20% of larger firms don’t know who manages their website.

We Can Help

Most Law Firms who come to Legal Marketing Plus know nothing about online marketing. What they are doing is not working. Their website needs updating or enhancement. They need a steady stream of potential clients.

We founded our company to help lawyers optimize their new client development. To do this we provide the following services:

Our creative team works with attorneys so they can practice law; what they do best. We do what we do best, providing our clients with products and services to help them grow their law practices.

  1. We will analyze your current website and marketing efforts.
  2. We will create a tailor-made marketing plan that meets your law firm’s goals and objectives.
  3. If required, we will update your existing website or redesign it so it has a responsive, mobile-friendly design.
  4. We will work with you to implement your marketing plan to grow your law practice.